When : October 24, 2020 8:00 AM EST  (The race clock will be set using time.gov.)
Goal: Run as many miles as possible, as fast as possible in the following format.
1st Lap - 1 Mile 4th Lap - 4 Miles 7th Lap - 7 Miles 10th Lap - 10 Miles
2nd Lap - 2 Miles 5th Lap - 5 Miles 8th Lap - 8 Miles 11th Lap -   9 Miles
3rd Lap - 3 Miles 6th Lap - 6 Miles 9th Lap - 9 Miles 12th Lap - 8 Miles
13th Lap - 7 Miles.
You can stop at any time. You can rest as much as you like between laps and join the zoom pit party, or just post your time and keep going.

Where : Your personal pit space. A place to run your laps. Road or trail. You can NOT run on a treadmill.

Things You Will Need For This Race: 

  1. Register for the race on RunAllRace.com
  2. Laptop or phone to be logged into The Zoom Pit Party during the race. (Password is 12345)
  3. Strava account. (This software application is free).

Race Day Morning – Log in to Zoom by 7:45AM EST. No need to say or do anything. Just be there. Wave to your friends. Once the race begins, and you complete one lap, you are on the leaderboard.

After each lap, here is what is required: Upload your time and Strava Link into RunAllRaces.

You are not allowed to submit times all it once, in the middle of the day, or at the end of the race. You must enter data after each lap completed.

The Zoom Pit Party will be open for the duration of the race. Most racers found it’s a great way to stay motivated to check in visually with the race directors or their fellow racers throughout the day, but you are not required to.

If RDs have questions about your data, they may attempt to track you down during the race or while you are in the pit. You may rest as long or as short as you like between laps. You can refuel and go, or relax and take your time. Hell, you can even take a shower or do laundry. It’s up to you how much or as little as you run.

A crew member may assist runners in uploading photos and race times. Please don’t tell us that this is unfair as you don’t have a spouse/friend/pet to do it for you. It’s just like a real looped race. Some do it alone, some pack an RV full of people to help.

What Do Laps Consist Of?

How can my friends watch? Matt B. Davis and others providing commentary with special guests commentating throughout. We will be streaming live on Facebook for most of the race.
The leaderboard can be found here.
TBD - Currently working with several companies to get prizes for top 3 men and women overall. No cash prizes. No age group prizes.

Additional FAQ

  • Are we submitting “Elapsed Time” or “Moving Time?”
If you upload data from an app rather than actual watch face, be sure to include “Elapsed Time” and not just “Moving Time”
In this photo below. The first number is 50:31, but is not actual elapsed time.
This lap time to be submitted is 55:28, in this example.

No. You run as many laps as you want, at your own pace. Stop at any time. Take a shower. Keep on going. Or don’t. If you want to start later than 8:00 AM, just know you are still only limited to run until 8:00PM EST. We understand if people have work or want to sleep more in a different time zone, but the race still only ends once.

First of all, social distancing and all that, so be mindful of gathering with anyone. In terms of anyone running with you as a pacer, just have them register as another runner. This way it’s another “competitor” running with you. Which keeps this all in the spirit of a true race. Your friend can choose to log the same amount of miles as you or they can quit anytime. They can also run the first 5 and the last 5, or anything in between. Whatever the case is, you are both logging separate lap times and photos. We know running with a buddy can make the miles go by faster and can an awesome thing to do. You CAN share a screen/log in with zoom. But again, you are uploading separate times individually with their own watch/device. We can only give credit for one person per device.

No, you can certainly log on and off or just leave it running in your “pit” if set up near a plug. However each pit stop, you need to upload your loop time and distance.

Please email your times and links to UltraVirusRace@gmail.com.  You are still responsible for getting those lap times entered into RunAllRaces.com as soon as possible. Check back on your next lap and see if the site is working again. RDs are NOT responsible for entering your times, you are.

A final note on results and prizes: Please allow 48 hours for us to verify data. After data is verified, please allow 7-10 days for receipt of prize. Prize money will be sent by Venmo. All other prizes will be mailed. Our race team has people place in case of controversy or disputed results. We will do our best to resolve anything that comes up as quickly as possible.